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The Santoxenia Grand Sunset Journey captures the enchanting beauty of Santorini as the sun descends into the Aegean.

Santoxenia Grand Expedition

For those who wish to delve deeper into the Aegean's magic, the Grand Expedition picks up where the Signature Tour concludes and adds even more enchanting destinations. After exploring the volcano, our journey takes us to the peaceful Epta Paides Chapel, a site of serene beauty and reflection. We then sail to the small yet captivating chapel on St. Nicolas Islet, a perfect spot for photo enthusiasts and those appreciating quiet contemplation. As the sun begins to set, we arrive at Ammoudi Bay, a picturesque harbor beneath Oia’s cliffs, ideal for an evening swim or a fresh seafood dinner at one of the local tavernas. Our final stop is Therasia, an island where time seems to stand still. Here, you can stroll through quaint shops, savor traditional Greek dishes, and enjoy the slower pace of island life before we cruise back under the stars.

We Will Visit:

  1. Red Beach
  2. White Beach
  3. Mesa Pigadia Beach
  4. Venetian Lighthouse
  5. Volcanic Hot Springs
  6. Volcano
  7. Aspronisi
  8. Efta Paides Chapel
  9. St. Nicolas
  10. Ammoudi Bay
  11. Therasia island

Excursion Info

    Duration: 5.0 h Departure (EEST): 4 p.m. Arrival (EEST): 9 p.m.

Boats for this Tour

Nephele boat on blue water


  • Max Guests: 9
  • Skipper Required: Yes
  • Cost From: 1200.00
  • Tour Type: VIP
  • Santoxenia boat from above


  • Max Guests: 6
  • Skipper Required: Yes
  • Cost From: 600.00
  • Tour Type: VIP