Aerial photo of boats in the sea

About Our Motorboats

Explore the seas aboard the pride of Santoxenia – our modern fleet. Featuring the latest additions to our lineup, our new boats promise unmatched performance and luxury. Sleek designs, state-of-the-art amenities, and the utmost in comfort define every vessel, ensuring your voyage is as splendid as the destinations themselves.

Explore Unique Vessels

Calypso boat, still photo


Embark on an intimate voyage aboard our compact boat, inspired by the alluring nymph Calypso. Discover the charm of Santorini's waters as you navigat…

Max Guests:6 LOA (in meters):5 Cruies Speed (kn):14
Santoxenia boat from above


Embark on a remarkable journey aboard our namesake boat, an intimate vessel designed for unforgettable moments, where personalized service and breath…

Max Guests:6 LOA (in meters):6 Cruies Speed (kn):22
Nephele boat on blue water


Nephele, a name inspired by Greek mythology, representing the epitome of luxury and adventure on the captivating seas of Santorini.

Max Guests:9 LOA (in meters):10 Cruies Speed (kn):30
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